1. Read the course work before the semester starts

Everybody looks forward to the semester break. To many, it is the time to relax and not read. However, as a mother you should view it differently. It is your chance to get a head start by reading ahead of the lecturer. If you do this, you will have an easy time when the semester starts now that you will have done most of the work already. 


2. Talk to your tutors

Take the initiative of meeting your tutors long before classes start. Let them know that you have a baby but are determined to study and complete the course. Most lecturers will be glad to work with you when you approach them. Your courage and enthusiasm will entice them. You can also ask for the syllabus at this time. 


3. Take advantage of the time that your baby is immobile

It is also at this time that most babies sleep and nurse most of the time. When the baby starts crawling or walking it will become more difficult to go back to school. Before they start crawling you can even take them with you to class. All the same, you can overcome these challenges if you are creative. 


4. Change your major and drop the unnecessary minors

Putting it simply, some majors are almost impossible to maneuver with a baby in the picture. Explore your options and have an open mind while at it. Remember that sometimes there is more than one way of attaining your goals. If you can gain the same skills by using an easier route don’t hesitate. 


5. Ask for help

Going back to school with a baby is not easy but it can be done. One of the best ways of getting through it is by getting a support system. Ask your family or friends to watch over your young one when you are studying. Sometimes you can get a babysitter if nobody else can help. 


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