When you are preparing for a test or trying to understand a new concept that was taught in class, you need to leverage every opportunity you get. The first step is maximizing your study time. Many adult learners have a busy schedule, so every moment they manage to spare is valuable. Here is how to maximize your study time. 


1. Have a set study goal

What do you want to accomplish? How will you gauge the success of your study time? The only way to answer these questions efficiently is by setting a study goal. Whatever you want to achieve, make sure it is on paper so that you will have physical evidence of the achievement. 


2. Set your timer at 45 minutes

You will get a deeper understanding if only you study for short segments with breaks in between. The ideal length is 45 minutes with five minutes breaks. Use the short mental breaks to check on your family or simply unwind. The reward of a break will keep you away from burnouts. 


3. Switch off your phone

You can surely restrain yourself from picking calls during the crucial 45 minutes. Shut off the phone so that you don’t get tempted to respond to that text or call. Stay away from both internal and external study distractions. Your study time is important and during the 45 minutes’ session nothing else should matter more than your education. 


4. Summarize the crucial information and key facts

After you finish studying, write important facts on what you remember studying. you can set aside a note book for this work. Make sure that the notes are in your own words. That way, it will be easy to tell how much of the study material you have understood. Doing this at the end of every study session is a great way of mastering the crucial facts. 

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