You have probably noticed that most college brochures and websites have faces of teens plastered all over them. However, older, nontraditional students also require financial aid. Younger student’s federal financial aid package is directly tied to the parent’s assets and income whereas students above 24 years are considered independent. That implies that unlike younger students, older students do not have to miss out on federal financial aid because their parents don’t qualify. 


1. Government loans and grants

Young, unmarried students who have never served in military are considered dependent. Students older than 24 and those who have completed military service or are married are considered independent. That means that they are eligible for need-based aid. If you are independent and you choose to go to school on full-time basis, you might qualify for Pell grants. Independent students also have access to bigger Stafford loans. 


2. Employer-sponsored aid

If you have been working for your employer for a while and you want to go back to school, your employer might support you financially. Some may put limitations that require your degree to be applicable in the current field of work. Others might require the employee to have a certain grade before they pay the tuition. Such factors vary from one employer to another. Contact human resources for eligibility criteria. 


3. Single parent programs

Having kids and bringing them up alone might open your door to considerable tuition discounts. Single parents programs are available across the states. Contact the college or your state’s education department for further details on how to apply. 


4. Awards for older students

Students older than 25 years qualify for many grants and scholarships than their younger counterparts. For instance, they can apply for programs like the Nancy Talbot scholarship award that offers aid to older students only. A simple internet search for scholarships tailored for adult learners will yield several results that you can try. 

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